I would like to talk about recent events regarding the Stop Online Piracy Act. The SOPA was an attempt to end all online piracy, but at the expense of other shut downs. The SOPA was looking for versions of streaming to be shut down, and make only one source to get media. It is as drastic as singing Taylor Swift videos on YouTube could put oneself in serious trouble. Another example is regarding an online game called League of Legends with a population of 15 million. If SOPA were to pass, it wouldn’t be playable to roughly 50% of that number. In that example alone leaves 7.5 million people angry. Some people thing it is taking away freedoms of Americans and other countries alike. With American trying to change YouTube, Facebook, PayPal, and other international companies, this effects more than just the U.S. Think about America controlling the internet world. In our post-industrial society, technology is everything we do. It seems similar to the restrictions put on Americans right before the American Revolution. With a group of angry citizens, it only takes bills such as SOPA to really change peoples’ views on America. Maybe revolt could happen? In a country where some people plead communism, it could only be a matter of seconds before that spark lights. I am aware that it is a long tangent, but if conclusions are drawn, events like this could happen. As well as other countries politically battling the United States against this piracy act, but now, time for the meaning. With a conspiracy theory always comes a meaning of “malevolent means. Maybe our government is full of communist that are trying to cause civil war among Americas. The meanings can range from anything as this is only a theory, but with one final thought. A world ran by technology, America tries to control technology…what could happen?

Intro to interest

Hello Everyone! My name is Kevin Morris. I would like to give a little introduction before I start the following blog that will be read. My personal interests include sports, video games, reading, and Molly Woodman. One of my not so common interests is conspiracy theories. I enjoy indulging in the never-ending possibilities of alternative reasoning for situations. I particular enjoy situations involving historical events that have not yet been proven and theories that could potentially lead to epic conclusions. The best part about this interest is stringing facts together and making various scenarios all centered around ‘what if’. The thrill of knowing that you may never know what really happened drives my ambition even further, looking for the scrap of hope that may just lead to that missing puzzle piece. However, what separates me from other theorists is that my findings and hypotheses are all centered around logic, and not just some random theories strung together for pure amusement.